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GIFCO Ship Chandeling Division s.a.

We provide foods solutions

As a trading company operating in the food and beverage industry, we play a major role in allocating high-quality branded products in otherwise difficult-to-reach foreign markets. A dedicated team helps meet our clients’ and supliers’ demands For this purpose we have dedicated teams and offices located in selected locations in Europe, Africa and Asia.


We supply  global brands of food and beverages.

Every Day’s

We constantly, daily improve our assortment


We adapt our range of product to local market needs

Looking at the Future

Our company keeps looking ahead. Our creative solutions ensure our clients be properly served, no matter how difficult their market may be

Keeping a low stock

Our clients can order according to their needs, keeping a low stock and a positive cash flow


We closely work with the logistics provider


The trading of edible products is a vital part of the world economy, food being a staple human need the world over. We utilize first-class logistics services to cater for specific needs in various regions of the globe.

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Reliable & Effective

We have created the GIFCO group to help our customers cope with significant challenges, so as to let them find better ways to access markets, reduce trading risks and maximize profits. Find out how we can help you succeed.

GIFCO provides a wide range of food and beverage products worldwide. The company can also develop new items and adapt them to local circumstances.

Whenever products are adapted to local market needs, proper care is taken to comply with national labelling guidelines, so as to ensure that customers can properly distribute the requested products in the markets of concern.

GIFCO works closely with the most reputable logistics companies to offer a door-to-door service, providing all the documentation necessary to carry out the needed operations.

Our Products!

Some information about
our products


Tradition is a value in the measure in which it represents a bond of consistency, of credibility with respect to the decisions that are sometimes taken.
The Mastroberardino family has lived the socio-cultural wine-making context for over two centuries, on the basis of the most reliable historical reconstructions. The first traces of the presence in Irpinia date back to the Bourbon register, in the mid-eighteenth century, when the family elected the village of Atripalda to its headquarters, where the ancient cellars are still located, and from there originated a descent that linked indissolubly their fate to the cult of wine.


Villa Sandi

A sparkling jewel protected by the hills of the Marca Trevigiana, Villa Sandi is a Palladian style masterpiece dating back to 1622, and it is also the main office of the company. Devoted to wine culture for many generations, the Moretti Polegato family, owner of the Villa, have fostered this ancient tradition by making Villa Sandi the headquarters of the winery, and by promoting grape growing in the area on a modern basis.

Villa Sandi

Franciacorta Wine

Franciacorta is a small wine-producing area in Lombardy, northern Italy. It is famous for its high-quality sparkling wines, which are made very much in the image of Champagne. The Franciacorta wine region is located in the Brescia province, in the hills immediately south-east of the foot of Lake Iseo. Roughly square in shape, it stretches eastwards for 15 miles (25km) from the Oglio River (which flows out from the lake) until reaching the Mella River valley and the western suburbs of Brescia city.


Baglio di Pianetto

Many years ago, a little boy (who had yet to discover who or what he would become) asked his mother to buy him a bottle of wine. They were in Sicily at the time, on a holiday, and she, of course, replied that he was much too young. But the boy kept insisting until his mother, finally, relented. She said she would buy him the bottle, as long as he promised to wait till he was seventeen years old to open it.

Baglio di Pianetto

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